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The Year Round Salon is an attempt at such a process. This simple system permits a gallery to better represent more artists and better serve more of their public. Its success is dependent upon the belief of each artist that his one work is valid in itself; for it is in this exhibition that the work is truly isolated, and its viewer , disarmed of any presentation preconceptions, makes his choice alone. It is the intention of the Year Round Salon show to be responsive to the needs and sensitive to the beliefs of unknown  artists. The present superstructure must change and release artists from aesthetic prescriptions and exhibition conventions, thus liberating their intuitive and intellectual visions, a prerequisite for the preservation and elevation of art.

We invite Collectors, representatives of Museums, Galleries, Universities, Colleges, other institutions , and also other artists to come, investigate and select through the channels that this Salon Show offers, the artist or group of artists of their choice for the purpose of purchase, the selection of the show, or just a sincere interest in a particular artist's work.

There are no exclusivity arrangements made between the Ward-Nasse Gallery and the artists exhibiting.

The Year Round Salon System is a viable alternative for artists. It is the antitheses to the present system in the sense that the more artists we include, the more we can accomplish for each individual artist. It encourages the public's participation by offering so many more choice. It promotes personal choice rather than "right or wrong"  art.
Participating artists show all the time, giving the gallery time to establish continuity and develop followings for the individual artists.
The choice and services we offer to professional, and the general public, are our greatest leverage to sales and showing opportunities for the artists.

The salon exhibition asks the artist to relinquish some of the space around the exhibited works, yet as it brings the art closer together, It's success as an alternative brings artist closer together.
Application form available. 
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 How do Apply

Interested in representation with us? Please submit your work.

Send us 5-10 images of your artwork created within the past year with name, title, size, price and medium to including your bio, CV and statement. 

Then after the review of your art, you can become a member of the gallery, and to start to work with us just:

download the forms, print it out, fill it out, and send to Harry to: