Adriano Baruffi

Visual Artist


Adriano Baruffi, a Brazilian native, was born on an air force base in Guaratingueta Sao Paulo. Born to a Colonel air force father, he was taught discipline and structure that is clearly visible in work today.

Baruffi was instructed and became proficient in many different mediums. He was taught how to use a brush and how to use Oil paints early, from a painter and illustrator artist, Emilia Moroni. He was always creating ,drawing, painting or building things. From the beginning Baruffi was interested in Oil painting and clay sculpture which he still uses for his contemporary creations. way founded by Baruffi to attribute a new look to the daily routine.

Artist Statement:
"I try to build and draw items that I invision. I do both as an exercise" said Baruffi. "I see conflict between creative freedom and the rules required of good technique. One thing that both sides have in common is their goal for perfection.

Which I want to be evident in my work".