Alan Mahood

Visual Artist

United States

Artist Statement:

I am a photographer holding degrees in Biology, Medicine, and Architecture.  I live in Newport Beach, California and have won awards for my photography.  I am self-taught and started out by developing and printing black and white film as a teenager before moving on to SX-70 film manipulation and Polaroid transfers.  I am now focused on digital which I see as an outlet for creativity and experimentation.  I use digital techniques to convey the mood and feel of the places I photograph.

I am currently featured on, in the “International Contemporary Masters XI” edition, and in the “Important World Artists 2” publication.  My images have also been featured in magazines and books including an image in the 2016 edition of “Bird Photographer of the Year”.

My father fostered my interest in photography and I attribute Early Impressionism as an influence.   

I appreciate art that tells a story, makes you look twice, and leaves you in doubt.