Alessandra Sequeira

Costa Rica

Born in Costa Rica, some nights ago I dreamt that life is made of lines of intention. Sometimes we are ink, sometimes we are roots or branches, but always entangled. I propose roots of empathy within my art pieces.  Life is an intertwined natural phenomenon, as in my artwork, raw silk, rice paper; Stratford paper and canvas are the holders of this encounter. I have exhibited 44 times in different Galleries and Museums. Published in several Art books and magazines in Art Dubai, I won the Brussels Tag Gallery Exhibition and at Northern Trust and in Carlos Cruz Diez’ Espace Expression Gallery, in Miami, I won the honorable mention for Costa Rica. Another important recognition took place at the 5th triennial of Riga, Latvia, as my artwork became part of the collection of the Museum. Four solo exhibitions in Gallery Cayalá Foundation Rozas Botran in Guatemala; Blow Art Haussmark in San José, Costa Rica and at Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal and another in the Calderon Guardia Museum, in San José, Costa Rica.