Ana Augusta

Visual Artist


About the work of Visual Artist Ana Augusta
"Colors that flow from the soul"
A profusion of strong colors emanates from all the walls of your room. For the plastic artist, what surrounds her is the result of the expression of her feelings. She says painting is part of her. She reminded herself that she was still a little girl, painting with her fingers on rolls of graphic paper, which she gradually unrolled while playing with colors, fingers ... fingers that ran from the paper to her body and often to her mouth. Laughing, she tells him that she "ate the colors." He works his canvases, giving vent to his sensitive soul. And this sensitivity that governs it, says Ana Augusta, causes her to live in eternal vigilance and mental discipline; because you can only create and be happy with what you produce when you "feel the good side of the world flow." Thus, she explains to herself her own soul and that of the artist who lives in her. "It's as if we were a lightning rod, an open portal to the energies that surround us, and they are not always smooth and beautiful energies." Then, without balance, "art does not come out; m not well," he admits.
His canvases are always very cheerful; the colors, always alive and strong. The work impresses; fills the eyes and holds the attention of those who watch him. "Art is a way of being; we came to the world to express our soul." This is what makes beautiful art in Ana Augusta's opinion: "It speaks of the soul and makes life worth living." Thus, it says love theesthetics of colors that fuse soul and body, and confesses that he wants to get away from vanity, because "waiting for applause is not healthy." What you really want is to live Leon Tolstoy said: "paint your yard and you will be universal." and if someone wants to sit next to you, "it will always be a great pleasure to share the vision of life that art has taught you."