Beth Ribeiro

Visual artist



The power of the feminine in Beth Ribeiro

She was  born in São Paulo, Beth settled in Brasília in 2000, where she deepened her study of different art techniques, applying these directly to the canvass. Over time, Beth came into her own as an artist, intuitively evolving toward the portrayal of Afro-Brazilian women in her painting.

From the time she took her first brushstrokes, Beth found inspiration in the image of women, focusing, above all, on their roots, pain, triumphs, and strength. Initially, her work was self-learned, the product of “pure inspiration,” as she likes to observe.

Beth’s painting is marked by strong colors, especially primary colors, based on peculiar themes which portray elements that symbolize the modern woman in her cultural, business, and day-to-day milieus.

In the last five years, Beth has received two awards for her work, while a number of other paintings have been selected for dozens of collective exhibits in Brasília. Some of her pieces have been acquired by international collectors.