Celine Pellerin

   fine artist



Born near  Québec city, Canada, she is attracted by anything that is creative, artistic and innovative. She his graduated in  industrial engineering technical, in therapist  neuro-linguistic programming and one other in training of trainers. Self-taught artist, she painted for many years objects for an ar​t​ ​shop and  after, she operated her own. She contributes to Children's Wish and many other causes.

Member and permanent artist of the Ward Nasse Gallery in New York, she has showed her artworks and has participated at many of their projects since 2012. She has exhibited in Québec, Canada, in New York, Miami and Dallas, USA, on Côte d’Azur in France and  in Fombio, Piac​e​nza, Milan,  Italy, Brazil and Berlin. Her comments were requested by a painter for an art book in India and she was selected to be part of art books in Québec, Canada with the Galerie  mp tresart. She has participated in many national and international artistic exhibitions. Some of her artworks are part of the private collection of a bank institution.

Faithful to her ethereal style, she strolls between figurative and abstraction, she is in her element, connecting with her essence, an expression of her personality, paint the world her own way.

Artist Statement:

« My inspiration and my passion guide my hand and my "brush stroke" is the witness. »

For Céline Pellerin, be a painter, is the pleasure of painting the world on her own way…Hoping my world enchant you.