Cida Muffa

Fine Artist


Cida Muffa is a visual artist whom Works in oils and mixed media.

She was born in, Sao Paulo, Brazil. She attended the Panamericana School of Arts and Sao Paulo School of Arts and Design. She also attended Angel San Martin’s Atelier and Rodrigo Coelho’s Atelier where the artist found her own style since 1990.  She currently lives in Santo Andre – SP, Brazil,  where she directs her own Atelier.

She has a modern painting proposal, where she mixes the rereading of impressionists and expressionists masters in her diffuse drawing, with simplified forms solved in light, in a symbolic style with total freedom of non-conventional colors. Her attraction to abstractionism reveals itself on the frequent use of umbrellas that multiplies planes, mixes figures and background, and shows violet profiles. Her main theme is the woman on her state of solitude, reflected in beauty, waiting, and searching,

Cida has been painting since she was 25 years old. And has participated in many exhibitions in Italy and Brazil. She was published in many art books, art magazines and more. She also has gotten many prizes and awards.