​​Claude Cailloux

Visual Artist


Short Bio

After studying graphic art (photogravure) at the Estienne school in his youth, Claude Cailloux starts on a rich and varied journey ;  advertising photographer, then director and producer of TV documentaries ; cultural, musical, etc.,

Passionate about animals and open spaces, he produces and directs a nature show.

 He also co-creates USHUAIA with Nicolas Hulot.

He discovers and gives Marion Cotillard her first film role at the age of  seven.

Upon his return from the USA where he is inspired by its artists, and after years spent in the world of moving images, he returns to his first love : painting.

Above all he is a man of images - he channels his experiences and his energies to create powerful and instinctive paintings  where the elements of air, earth, fire and water flow together with colors, pigments and material amongst sure and delicate strokes…

His paintings appear to be in movement.


​Artist Statement

  Claude Cailloux​

"I paint my states of mind which project me into space-time; thus breaking with the natural appearance of things.

Through spontaneous work (Dripping) I seek, constantly moving forwards, to seed my canvas with an emotional

 Poetry … a form of gestural choreography.  In this, I follow the American School of Abstract Expressionism with its implied spontaneity.”