Cristina Matarasso

Fine artist


​Born in the city of Garça, in the countryside, lives in São Paulo since 1964. Majored in classic piano very young and graduated in Publicity and Advertising at FAAP in 1975. Developed a work writing and coloring comic books at an animated cartoons studio. Was always involved in art work, from crafts to painting, concerning portraits and landscapes. In 2009, established closer links to painting and attended the Waldo Bravo Contemporary Art Course, which earned her first invitation to expose her work at “Casa das Rosas”, a prestigious art center in São Paulo. In the exhibition opening, her painting received special attention from specialized media. Since that episode, she has been exposing her work in national and international exhibitions.Her passion for bright and live colors is manifested throughout her paintings, that follow the precepts of Contemporary Art, always inspired by nature’s beauty.

Represented in NY by the Ward-Nasse Gallery and Leda Maria