Darnel Tasker  

Visual artist



​Darnel Tasker was born in Long Island, NY and moved to San Francisco in 1995 on a mission to create and manifest her dreams of making movies for children. Inspired by Jim Henson, Tim Burton, Egon Schiele, Michelangelo and all artists.  She has been following her dreams focusing on the art of storytelling and character. She is inspired by the colorful characters of the world and the stories they tell by just a simple glance or gesture.With a strong emphasis on character, their eyes, simplicity and story she balances the light and dark that we all face. This is a reflection of her degree in animation, and her practice of meditation and yoga. She exhibits her works in San Francisco and in New York. She has a blog where she posts a daily drawing which she has been doing since 2010 (In 2011 she published a book of her daily illustrations).  Darnel is based in Panhandle district of San Francisco with her husband and inspiring 2 year old daughter.