"Hipstatile" – one Tite

Shooting documentary films around the world, cameraman Erik Sick always has a smartphone for snapshots to hand. The ‘drive-by shootings’, taken from a moving car whilst traveling on a documentary production in Kenya, show landscapes that have been captured with the ‘Hipstamatic’ photo app. These quick fleeting snaps stand in stark contrast to the hi-end documentary film productions, which use top-of-the range cameras and technology. This series was created in 2015 whilst a film production on giraffes in Kenya, but characteristic for this series of landscapes is the complete absence of these animals. On a trunk road from Nairobi to Lake Elementeita, the trees and electricity pylons shimmer surreally, generating an atmosphere that’s untypical for African landscape photography. In doing so, the usual exotic folkloric kitsch is avoided. Using a specialized technique, the photographs are transferred onto stone tiles - simulating hand-crafted manufacture, when in fact the pictures are nothing more than app snapshots from a smartphone. Unlike giraffes, smartphones are to be found everywhere in Africa, connecting their owners to a globalized world. 

(Thilo Moessner)

Erik Sick

Visual Artist



Born in 1967 in Freiburg/Germany

Freelance cameraman (documentary film, reportage, magazine report, moreover fiction film, image film, and commercials).

Freelance filmmaker, photo and video artist, lives and works in Cologne/Germany.

Trained as a cameraman.  Studied , theater , film, and television studies at the University of Cologne/Germany.
Since 1987 working with film, video, and photography.
As of 1992 freelance camera assistant. 
As of 1995 freelance cameraman. 1998 fellowship, video dance, SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne/Germany.