Erika Ito

Fine Artist


She was born in Shimane prefecture.
She grew up with beautiful nature and inherited cultures of the local area. Which told her a sense of unity with the nature and people.

Soon after she moved to Tokyo to work at an IT company, she started her art activities.
After studying at Design and architecture school, she took photographs.
Since 2011, she started painting with flower and human bodies motifs.
While developing her art, she’s been working at several companies including Patent law firm, and graduate school.
Since 2015, she started yoga meditation. In 2016, she went to India to study yoga knowledge at an ashram.
She has been lived in Shimokitazawa for 6 years, it enables her to stay close to music and performance culture in Tokyo.

In creating her works, she dilutes watercolors and paint motifs repeatedly to make lots of layers.
By overlapping colors, she express light and shadow. Recently she uses limited numbers of colors.(red, blue, and yellow.)
She believes it is possible to create energetic and fascinating works for others through her own experiences. Therefore most of her works are also performed diaries. In days gone by, she depicted question about life, sadness or strong desires. Nowadays celebration for the life and love and energy of the music are inspiration for her.
Flowers and human bodies are her favorite motifs to express the relationship between individual and this world.

She has been influenced by artists like Gustave Moreau, Marc Rothko, 雪舟(Sessyu) , movie director Arnaud Desplechin, and any good musics.

2012, she joined an international illustrator agent agent Art As1.
2014, she was elected to a group exhibition at Azabu juban gallery in Tokyo.
2016, she joined an art fairs;  Pallarax art fair, Art Grid, Art Rooms and Art Below at London, .
2018, one of her work was used as a set of TV drama about rock music for young people. (
Artist statement

  All works comes from my daily life experiments. So they are like performed diaries; how I think about life, relationship between me and the world. Experience based inspiration/emotion have energy and its possible way to create something which touches others heart, I believe. Often it comes from music or yoga meditation.
  Flowers and human bodies are the best motifs for me to depict the relationships between individual and this world.
  I am charmed by beauty of the color itself.  Color effects and changes are important joy in my creation process. That’s why I use only three colors in recent works. 
  Using diluted watercolors enables me two important things. To make a gradation in the work and to proceed painting in a proper speed (little by little).

About works

I had frustration and sadness for long time. As they have started to be released, I wanted to create to express warmth, and energy of lives.
Yoga knowledge often gives me inspiring images for example “water is love”. I mixed this idea with hands motifs, which expresses each life and consideration for them.
Lotus flower painting was created as a gift for my old friend. I know a person who faced difficulties in her life and conquered it. I wanted to congratulate them with the painting.