Fátima Moura

Fine Artist


Artist Statement

One of the major goals of the art is to provide a new look at the events, register your ticket in time, socialize them and humanize them, assigning value to a universe without values. 

My works are made from photographic references, stylized later. The photographs are processed on the screen by the use of differentiated forms, some geometric; by using multicolored inks, of textures and gluing, in different ways and scenarios, in order to compose the human stage of each frame, leaving the drawing and color always as raw material. 

I Like to expose the human figure as the main reason, depicting the daily life of human beings, in a style less realistic, more expressionistic and/or abstract, emphasizing their experiences, expressions, choices, skills, dreams, paths, struggles and strengths that move, lift and reconstruct the human figure.   

Oscar Wilde wisely said: "a portrait painted with the soul, is a picture, not the model, but of the artist". 

Within this line of thinking, my works are some of the pictures of my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy my exhibit.