Fernanda Curado

Visual Artist


 Actually lives in Brazil moved there in 1976 and began her career in the arts field  in 1993 and graduated in 2002. 
She is a member of the Friendship and Arts’ Association of the Galician Portuguese, Candanga’s Association of Visual Artists, first administrative manager, of the Plastic Artists’ Association of Brasilia, Goiana,s Association of Visual Arts (AGAV). 

With artworks awarded 1st place in 2003 in the XXV Salão Riachuelo of the Ministry of the Navy, honor to the merit in 2009 in the XIV International Circuit of Brazilian Art and in 2015 in the first AABB arts hall in Brasília.
Her artworks has been published in annuals in 2011 and 2015, keeps showing in many states of Brazil and abroad, currently accumulating 7 individual exhibitions and more than 50 collective of which 15 international. In 2015 she has participated in the  Carousel du Louvre show in Paris. 

She has her artworks marked by the human figure, where it is possible, initially, to emphasize the representation of the nude and passing through the women figure with emphasis in their culture. 

Currently she is working with the deconstruction of the human figure based on the intuitive art, that mix defined and uncertain traits, emphasizing Forms that arise from the interpretation of multiple views of those who appreciate them. Faced with her artistic maturity and far from the obvious, Fernanda Curado provides us deep reflections at each moment of her works’ contemplation.

 Because of her maturity in the arts, in the last 3 years she has been working as a curator organizing national and international exhibitions.