Flávia Pina




Flavia Pina is a craft-woman and was born in 1974, in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
Since she was a child, she has surprised with ability about art, developing people drawing with much expression into looks.

Later, she started to work with modeling mass cold porcelain, creating utility objects and participating in crafts exhibition.

In 2003, she began to develop miniature sculpture of real people, portrayed through pictures.

She has already done numerous of people, anonymous and famous, and it impresses beyond on resemblance and detail wealth.

This year she associated herself to the group PET ART CREW, doing estimation animals sculpture miniature.

In love with portrayed humans and animals, currently she has invested more in free crafts, where she frees her imagination according her feelings and expresses in those new human craft one profile more puzzling and eloquent.

These sculptures overflow feelings into daily moments and ordinary scenes.

Awaken feeling on people that admire her art has been the most stimulus to evolve and upgrade more and more.