Jonathan Brender

​Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Jonathan felt the passion for arts since he was a young boy.

Being brought up in Venezuela with its unique cultural melting pot from native Venezuelans and Europeans, Jonathan started drawing comics, cars, boats, anything he felt in his blocks, until he moved on to study ceramics and sculpture for three years at the renowned: Arte y Fuego in San Bernardino, Caracas.

Feeling the need to expand his knowledge, culture and skills, he moved to the United States to pursue the art of canvas painting with a unique modern style.

Here is when his career took off and he envisioned a new, never before seen style.

For this new goal, the artist moved to Israel after perfecting his skills for three years in the US. Once in the Holy Land he learned and developed the millennium art of wood work and carpentry.

Jonathan has exhibited his art works in venues such as Tel Aviv Art Fair (Israel), Camden Art Gallery (England), and Art Fusion (USA), becoming a noticeable artist. Some of his works can be seen at prestigious five stars hotels in Venezuela, Commercial Buildings in Miami, and private collections around the world.

Jonathan’s unique cultural and artistic background, along with his experience, vision and personality makes his works exotic and unique. A versatile and true artist who is always looking for new ways to reinvent art itself!


Ceramics: 1998-2000 Caracas, Venezuela
Sculpture: 2000-2001 Caracas, Venezuela
Painting: 2002-2006 Miami, USA
Wood work: 2008-2009 Kfar Neter, Israel
Photography: 2009-2010 Tel-Aviv, Israel
Glass: 2011-2012 Hollywood, USA