Juh Leidl

Visual artist



​Born in Brazil, Juh Leidl at the age of 14 conquered the golden medal at the Childen’s Art Gallery in Zánka, Hungary. Studied Fine Arts at the State University of Campinas, Brazil, where she graduated with a major in painting and participated in group exhibitions promoted in the University Gallery and other galleries in Brazil. Worked at the Contemporary Art Museum of Campinas at the project Dali Monumental exhibition in 98 coordinated by Vania Lucia de Oliveira Carvalho. Post graduated at Escola Panamericana de Arte de Sao Paulo, Brazil (Pan-American School of Art of Sao Paulo).

Raised in a family of artists, her uncle Raul Porto, a well known artist of the Concrete Movement in Brazil and her father Mauro Soares, a major contemporary artist- pop oriented, who has gained many influences that can be found in his latest artwork.