Leila Kalis

Fine Artist



Born in Cairo, Leila currently lives in Amman, Jordan. She studied in Switzerland, the UK, at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, at the University of Jordan, and at the Faherelnissa Zeid Royal Institute of Fine Arts. Faherelnissa selected her students with insight that seldom goes wrong. She discovered Leila's special talents and has had a profound influence on her work. Leila was part of the institute's first group exhibition in 1981 where she exhibited her work for the first time. Being the youngest of her students Leila was overwhelmed by Faherelnissa's teachings and guidance, she used to call her ''ATLANTE," hence the inspiration of Leila's painting."

Leila's art is a reflection of the self that is expressed at a certain moment in time. It is the visualization of a certain emotion that is transformed on canvas. Leila's passion for art started at a very young age. Growing up in an artistic environment she developed a passion for designing interiors as well, in which creating beautiful interiors is also another way of self expression. Transforming spaces to eclectic, bohemian, contemporary and classical styles, yet keeping the heritage of the space.Leila has worked on interiors in London, New York, Mallorca, Abu Dhabi in addition to Amman.