Louise Sultan

Fine Artist



From psychosociology to criminology, nothing in my career plans prepared me for an artistic pursuit. However, I must admit that my passion for creativity has always been paramount in my daily life. My passion and interest for cultural diversity is unending. Coming from a Diaspora, I continually explore cultural identity in its multiple forms as its traditional and contemporary lifestyles often instilled with colors and fragrances. This process forces and enables me to return to my first steps as a child and as a result, reclaim my fragmented memories. Some of my works restore the authenticity of these distant horizons and the treasures that compose them. In doing so, I seek to transcend borders, to relate the contours of past memories and the scents that color and define the landscape of my heritage.


Self-taught, I patiently explore and experiment with different techniques. I welcome constructive criticism offered by family, to whom I am deeply indebted as they contribute to my progression. My taste, much like my brush stroke, has been refined with practice. Often escorted by my camera, I travel to far away places and capture each moment in order to remember the feel and magnetism of water and sunsets and the flavors of seascapes and forests.

Authentic and ephemeral, these images are captured during a forgotten point in time and space. They secretly transform themselves, in a graceful fashion, and reinvent a new landscape which gradually ascends from the magic of a new palette. Bewitching and majestic, nature covertly casts its spells and draws me into its depths. This intimate blend is decorated and nuanced with romantic scents and its seasonal attire adds flavor to the winds along with the tireless procession of creations that frequent it.

At times, I stare and wander for weeks before completing my work in order to ensure that my aesthetic and symbolic interpretation pays an accurate tribute to the immensity and beauty of nature. I allow myself to be overtaken by each element that finds its place in my paintings. The work aims to personify the humanistic qualities that it comprises and spontaneously depict a real or imagined environment. I want my work to convey the turmoil of the market, to captivate the torrid heat of the desert, feel the breeze and freshness of the ocean and simultaneously, depict the depth stoic landscape. I work with oil paint and as such, I shape it with a brush, a knife or with my fingers. My imprint is heavily influenced by the palettes of nature with a happy and luminous composition.


I consider art to be a gift which one offers to others and to oneself. It speaks to an implicit relationship between the artist and the audience where the former strives to give up something intimate which awakens the senses.   Always concerned about aesthetics and detail, I look for the balance between movement and shapes. The symbols of life are omnipresent in my work; light, color, water and plants. I remain conscious of the fragments of my Canadian identity, my Sephardic background and the underlying European and Oriental strains. I take advantage of this fertile source of multi-coloured creativity to offer a palette of landscapes and rhythmic scenes. My thirst for creation is in constant effervescence and translates into a wide variety of themes that aim to thrill.