Visual Artist



is brazilian artist who doesn't like to follow the mainstream art currents, just study and go deep on his style, getting some inspirations and references to his artworks on his experiences and thoughts that come on his own way. His works make transit in painting, his favorite way to expression, but also work with of some photographies, sculptures and poetry.
    Enthusiastic of the fauvism, lover of the expressionismo (Ensor and Munch are his major influences) and student of the surrealism (Dalí and Magritte). He likes deeply the way they use their feelings, technique and colors to push some idea who show something diferent of the ordinary World.
  His love for this kind of art with his own soul, his major taste for the underground and simpathy for usual classic regrets of art summed up with his technique, mix of colors and love for the unknow there lives in his mind, are indispensable to create his pieces.
    L. O. d’Albuquerque was born and lives in Brazil, started to draw at the age 7 (seven) years old. he has used to draw, and has started to paint and sculpture at the age of 17 years old, when turned to 18 years he has learned and started to photograph. Has studied Architecture but has not graduated, then exchanged  to Publicity and Art  itself.
Luis had learned the basic of painting and sculpture from some art masters from his city, but soon as possible they let him to develop his own style. He had particpate of exibithions and salons of Art in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba in Brazil and New Jersey, USA, wining some prize and medals on his way.