Marco Caratelli

Fine artist


​One of Siena’s most talented young artist’s, Marco Caratelli, is on a mission to protect and preserve the historic practice of creating original pieces of art using ancient methods and traditional techniques with modern point of view.

Marco Caratelli was born in Siena in 1979 and graduated from the Istituto d’Arte in Siena and the University “History of Art”.

He has participated in several oneman and group exhibitions and today he paints and sells traditional Sienese paintings, replicating the work of the great Sienese painters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with modern style.

His specialities feature the egg yolk tempera technique, as described in the famous manual on painting by Cennino Cennini (14th century).

Marco carries out his art work following the best pictorial traditions:

the color pigments he uses are absolutely natural and historically accurate.

He uses no chemical or synthetic materials but rather egg tempera (a mixture of yolk and pigment) in order to produce the same kind of paint used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The decorative patterns, halos and other gold embellishments are created using “bulini” or “punzoni,” which are small steel punches with handmade images on the tips.

The wood used by the panel painter is critical in achieving the refinement of the finished painted panels.

The timber has to have very distinctive features: it must be aged by at least 30 years.

The gilding is made of thin 24k gold leaf, which does not tarnish. The gold leaf is applied over a coat of “bolo armenico” (a mixture of red clay and water), which in turn is spread over a layer of gesso or plaster.
Marco’s work has achieved great recognition and his use of historical methods is greatly respected.
Visiting his studio you will find yourself immersed in an ancient form of craftsmanship where his icons and panels are truly breathtaking