MeMé Vizzotto

Visual Artist


​MeMé Vizzotto is a Brazilian artist who had a transition between the world of cinematography to contemporary arts. Her work has influences of her own artistic family. She merges classic and contemporary art techniques developing an unique style. Her work is based on lines and contours that, when completed, gives the impression of volume from the forms. She likes to play with the empty spaces, transforming them into part of the work. Childhood memories merges with daily experiences, thus after extensive research, gives her what it is necessary to conclude her creations. Most of the time, the animals and insects are her main character and source of inspiration.

Her artworks has been exhibited at the Brazilian British Center in São Paulo, where she won three consecutive prizes.

Her most recent exhibitions are “A Arte de MeMé Vizzotto” , at Piola, SP, Brazil. Collective exhibitions at Secretaria de Cultura do Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil; Brazilian Embassy, Oslo, Norway; Galeria Della Pigna, Rome, Italy and Consulate General of Brazil, NY, USA, where one of her sculptures, The Snail, is part of their permanent collection. She is a member of the “Centi Artisti per il Mondo”, an Italian artistic Movement.