Pamela Beck

Fine Artist


Artist Statement

For me, making art is “creating pockets of joy”. My artistic evolution started with strong representational works. I moved to less representational, more expressionistic work . My love of Italy and NYC architecture changed my work back to a more representational style, (though still expressionistic), where I simplified shapes and intensified the color of my earlier works. After a few years of not painting I returned with the challenge of making Abstract Paintings.

My purpose as a painter remains the same as it was when I started.  I want to “stimulate the eye and the heart”.  I continue with vivid color. I love painting abstract works; the process allows me a freedom that was absent in making representational paintings. Painting becomes an exciting journey. I paint intuitively;---I adjust color, shapes, texture until I’ve reached the end of my journey. Or not. And then I go back to continue the journey.

I’ve had many shows of my work since 1995; but I haven’t had a solo show in 12 years. For me, different energies are involved in the creative vs the business part of painting. After a show, it takes me a while to return to making art; my joy. But I have not shown my abstract work. At this point in my life it is important that I illustrate publicly my evolution as an artist.

I hope you enjoy my exhibit. I  loved creating it.