Pani Kristophe




Originally from France, Kristophe Pani is a self-taught photographer.

Everything was very fast for him, during private exhibition and in galleries, he was spotted by Mrs. P Berest, Artistic Director, and consequently that he began to present his photographic work and got exhibitions in other French galleries, a trusted name in a place of photography, Bazacle Gallery next to the Jean Marie Perier. It was very quickly recognized as the artist in fashion in France
What he likes? ....
The detail, imperfection.

That photography becomes an abstract painting that request in the light of being imaginative, contemplative.

Kristophe Pani loves above all show the invisible.

He enjoys working with very little light , flash, sometimes with just a simple lighting bulb.

His approach photographiquene not end there, it is mainly through the abstraction of man and its complexity, ambiguity, birth, death and beliefs.

He can spend a landscape, to photographs of nudes, city, object details, urban art. He expose a lot in France, Toulouse, Paris, New York, Berlin , Dallas,

including several participation in the Show De Bola a Cultural project created by the recognized curator of the Ward-Nasse Gallery,

Ms. Leda Maria.

After the abstraction of the image to make room for the imaginary, my eye was attracted by the city, the urban world, the parts of the building, then on more traditional subjects, like landscapes, more poetic visions , or completely different on an image processing job.

His works are constantly in evolution.

Then he was offered in 2014 to prepare a photographic and educational project with kindergarten children, for 3 years until early 2017.

A very interesting work where he could transmit and learn a lots of things about the child's view of art.

Currently he keeps showing in many  places, and likes to evolve his photographic works trying to have a different view on the daily life, on life, on what surrounds us.

Nowdays he has participated in the big world competition organized by the magazine PHOTO, where he ended up among the finalists