Rae Broyles

Visual Artist


Artist Statement

 I was raised by a "Madman". Growing up in 1960's Chicago, I was surrounded by my fathers' free-spirited lifestyle as a painter, illustrator, jazz pianist and eventually advertising exec extraordinaire. Dutifully, I studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago and then the preeminent Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where I learned many technical aspects of art through the help of great teachers and mentors including painter Richard Merkin.

 I then spent over 15 years in the commercial art world. My career culminating with the role of Creative Director. But during this time, creating with a distinct marketing purpose and numerous limitations became lackluster and unfulfilling.

 Now, after 13 years of painting, I find myself complete, as an artist, a creator, an author of visual poetry. There is no longer an alternative. Color, texture, tactile adventures are what move me. I can let myself freely discover new images, vexing techniques and alternative ways of presenting emotion while I fall away from this world and into a realm of physical and mental reverie.

It is important to me that the energy that I feel while I create art is evident in the final piece. The result of the unexpected variations invites the viewer to experience the variable nature of my painting process. I also hope to offer the opportunity to use one's own imagination while experiencing these pieces. My process and materials are my motivation but I also succumb to the thought that I am but a vessel trough which creativity flows; putting down on the canvas the images that exist in the universe but and have yet to be physically realized."