Rebecca Jenness

Visual artist


​Artist statement:

My paintings reflect urban change and I take much of my inspiration from cities that surround me. My work concentrates on the changing of everyday human experiences, of vibrant color on textured surfaces, imagined shapes, urban legends and humor. In my urban works the awareness is of the combined reference of nature and human composition collected in the city's architecture, which creates a shifting of the urban space.

I work primarily in acrylic and oil, using layers of paint to create texture. This also allows for a building-up of brilliant color In the paintings, which can take weeks to build up layers of paint. I am obsessed with color and the quality of a vibrant, rich and expressive painting surface.

Born in Los Angeles, with early studies in Boston, developed the foundation for my urban focus, with a BFA from Southeastern Mass University. As a painter of urban spaces and teaching artist, including RISD, PC/CE drawing program, I have exhibited in both solo and group shows, national and international, and have enjoyed meeting artists who have inspired me. I also, have had an art unit, published in the book, PAINT LAB, by Deborah Foreman, which gives me further inspiration and collaboration with other artists.