Richard Weiner

Visual artist


About The Artist: 

He was born in Brooklyn New York
B.S degree from Syracuse University 1957
J.D degree from N.Y.U Law School 1960

Artist Statement:

​About 25 years ago I started  painting in a serious way . I painted on my own and I also studied with Victoria Carlin and others. A model I knew referred me to Harry Nasse and I that lead to showing at  the WardNasse Gallery in Manhattan. The first painting that I sold, was sold there . It was a watercolor of  Venice . That was about 20 years ago and I stayed with the gallery to the present day. I have had some other exhibitions in another galleries in NY.

I started off doing portraits of famous people like Queen Elizabeth and Freud. I also did landscapes. 

After several years my work started to become more abstract. A curator. Liam Davis, suggested I try “mark making” on Arches Paper. These Mark Making paintings were totally abstract they eradicated the presence of representation from the work. I did many of these non representative paintings with  Liam Davis’s guidance. They were displayed at Ward-Nasse Gallery. 

My approach today is basically abstract but not necessarily purely  abstract.  Sometimes, I hide heads and faces in the painting and you may catch a glimpse of a dancing figure in them. My goal is to convey a feeling or a  mood and something that words cannot express. When doing a painting I leave room for chance and let the paint on the canvas  guide me. I embrace chance. For me, it is about the process of exploring the action of the paint on the paper or the canvas and that process opens up unlimited possibilities. I leave a portion of the experience up to the viewer!