Rosângela Vig 

Fine artist


    She has been in contact with the Art since her childhood, drawing everything she saw. Her aunt gave her ink, brushes and canvas and she started to have a real contact with the Art, at the age of twelve.

    She studied Languages and now she speaks fluent English. She teaches for two private schools, but she continued drawing and painting by herself. She started exhibiting her works for an Art Exhibition and won her first silver prize, twenty years ago. She never stopped doing and exhibiting her works all around the world and in her country.  

    She finished the Communication and Culture Master’s degree at university what definitely linked her Resume to Art.

    Now she teaches Art History for a University in Brazil for Architecture and Design Courses and she writes for two famous Art Newspapers in Brazil. She also took part on many individual and collective Art exhibitions in Brazil and in many countries and she won medals, prizes and awards for her works. 

    She is a very creative person and Art is a passion for her.