Ruth Stirnimann

Fine artist



Ruth Stirnimann, born and brought up in Switzerland, lives and works in New Zealand. Her paintings are expressions of the creative, harmonious vibration underlying all life forms. She loves to go beyond the known, making intangible energy patterns tangible on the canvas.

Her works are internationally recognized with exhibitions in cities like Christchurch, Buenos Aires, Sydney, New York, Berlin, Miami,  Helsinki, Rome, Milan, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Her paintings are also represented at international art fairs such as SCOPE BASEL, BERLINER LISTE, BIENNALE D’ARTE in ROME, ST.ART in STRASBOURG and SPECTRUM MIAMI. Her work is represented in many international contemporary art books.

In December 2013 Ruth won the first prize over 1050 artists in the international art competition in Rome with the topic “La Tua Arte Nel Sociale” and was granted in August 2014 at the 6th International Festival of the Arts in Rome the International Prize of the festival.