Scott Parker

Fine artist

United States

I have always been fascinated with this physical aspect of our humanness, and particularly how the psyche within shows through. The works showcased here are my contribution to, and commentary on, this human condition we have all been graced with. It is also a celebration of the God-given talents and abilities I have been granted.

Every toddler doodles, I simply never stopped! As I grew up, the cars and airplanes, castles and space ships, gave way to Goddesses and Playmates. From drawing while I was supposed to be studying, to studying drawing, from therapeutic play, to playing for a living, it continues… I had to minor in art in College, because my Dad insisted that I study something practical! My propensity with, and talents for graphic communication, perspective and spacial cognition led me to major in Architecture, which would serve as the income to finance my fine art pursuits, that co-existed with first a Career, then simple “day jobs”, to this day it has served me well! Especially long after I traded in my Professional Coat, Tie, Pleated Slacks & Tassel Loafers for a hard hat, tool belt, jeans and work boots.

A successful inclusion in the Ninth Annual North Carolina Artists Competition in 1980 at the Fayetteville Museum of Art was my “Starters Pistol”! My moving to Charlotte in 1981, for an Undergraduate Design Degree in Architecture was significant too. In 1991 a solo exhibit at an uptown pub, and a chance to help Ben Long install the Nations Bank Lobby Frescos were fundamental as well.

Most importantly though was my meeting this guy from Boston, named Terry Corano and joining the “Friends of Van Gogh” Artists Co-op in 1991! Our gallery was a back room at Eastway Auto Sales, where we exhibited, critiqued each other, hung out and partied. Somewhere along the way Terry announced he had found two vacant storefronts on North Davidson Street! Terry christened the two storefronts the Absinth and the Acanthus Galleries and we were off and running. By 1993 the glow had faded, it wasn’t about the art anymore, or our counter-culture, avant guard attitude, or our grandiose delusions. As is usually the case, what seemed like the end at the time, was in fact a better beginning! I was given a new lease on life, I sobered up and I have been re-thinking a lot of things ever since then. The “day jobs” and the therapeutic, meditative hobby continued up to 2008. By 2012 both parents had passed away, but  they had left everything to my Brother and I, so we liquidated the estate, and with my Moms Financial Planner realized we were both in good shape, financially anyway… I was told I could retire and just paint! I found a cozy one bedroom apartment, and proceeded to do just that.

In April of 2012 I took my first real vacation and spent an Amazing week in Manhattan, visiting Galleries I had been submitting my Marketing Folio to. One particular gallery owner who had insisted I “Suit up and Show up” gave one of the toughest and BEST critiques I had ever gotten. There was also So-Ho! I stumbled upon the Ward Nasse Gallery, and ‘Something’ told me THIS was why I was here… I came back a fourth time in 2015, re-joined the Ward Nasse Artists Co-Op, and once again, I ‘Knew’ what I had to do. Which all came to a head in 2016 when an Invitation to participate in a member exhibit "Men in Art" at Ward Nasse slid through my mail slot. Somehow, the entry fee got handled, the shipping costs got paid, and now, even if it is only for a couple of weeks, and even if it is only one of my paintings, IT is hanging on a wall in an Art Gallery in New York City! It is only a BEGINNING! A long sought after one, but a GOOD ONE!