Scott Parker

Fine artist

United States

The Ninth Annual NC Artists Competition, in 1980 was my “starters pistol”. My years at UNC-C, showed me whole new possibilities for both architectural design and fine art pursuits, in 1986 I left, to work as an Intern Architect. Later, I joined the Friends of Van Gogh Artists Co-Op, in 1992 the Charlotte / No-Da arts district was born!

Since 1993 I have been re-evaluating things. In 2001, I started doing commercial portraits and renderings. That grew into a part time study of Graphic Design, and a free-lance enterprise, balancing the Fine Arts with the Commercial Arts. In April of 2012 I spent a week in Manhattan, after which there were three more “working holidays”. In 2015 I joined the Ward Nasse Gallery, to establish a foothold, and a presence in NYC!