About the artist:

The artist, Gulgun (Gigi) Turker, was classically trained in Turkey at Ankara Devlet Konservatuari. Her works have been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums internationally, as well as purchased by private collectors.  This includes showings at the WARD-NASSE and the Amsterdam Art Galleries in New York.  She also won “The Peoples Choice” award at the Hopkins Art Center three years in a row.

“Gulgun (Gigi) Turker’s art elicits an immediate emotional response,” notes one critic.  “A moment in time is stopped, a familiar face revealed, the grace and beauty of a body frozen in time.  The viewer becomes more than the observer, he becomes a participant in the drama unfolding before his eyes.”

For over twenty years, Turker has paid her dues, working mostly as a commissioned artist, then in early 2000, Turker made a venturous artistic move and entered the competitive gallery world with her artworks.  Today, in the popular contemporary arts, she has developed a major following.

There’s something absolutely gorgeous about Gigi’s paintings.  It’s how she effortlessly blends different mediums together, transitioning between acrylic and crystal beads to create beautiful pieces of art.  She paints beautiful women who not only have style and class but seem to hold a sacred secret.