Visual artist


Born in 1932 in New York City, SICA began her artistic career in 1950 while studying at The Art Students League of New York, and later at the Pratt Graphics Workshop, New York. She also traveled extensively, eventually settling in Saigon, Vietnam, as Duy Than's apprentice, then in Athens, Greece, with Emanuel Pilidikis.

She bolstered her reputation simultaneously by participating in several international art invitationals and symposiums. Aside from Vietnam and Greece, SICA has lived in England, Spain and Yugoslavia, and her oeuvre reflects an enlightened perspective of the world, its people and its cultures. SICA's work is in the collections of Le Musée Moderne de la Ville de Paris, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, The Los Angeles Museum, The Brooklyn Museum,The Miami Museum of Fine Arts and New York University in addition to many other fine arts institutions and private collections.

Sica’s works express themes revealed in her personal observation of different cultures, both ancient and contemporary.  She believes that the artist, acting as an individual, must seek out the deeply rooted aspects of civilization and communicate this vision.

Working in her Chelsea studio, Sica is totally involved in every aspect of creating her prints and constructions from the inception to the finished piece.  She often employs metallic surfaces in experimental and inventive ways.  Tactile effects of relief and texture are achieved by various means such as inking, stitching, and shaping the surface.

Fragments of the artist’s own experience appear and reshape themselves, revealing the many threads that are woven together from her travels and daily life.  Simple everyday objects appearing in Sica’s work are given the sanctity of ritual objects in an ancient society.

Reflected in the work is the artist’s concept of the interconnection between our modern culture and the mythological sea into which runs the roots of humanity’s collective unconscious.

The very essence of the creative act is an implicit commitment to the future.  Forged intuitively from the materials of our present, Sica’s works express her belief that a viable human future can only be built upon the present, based on a better and clearer understanding of our past and an awareness of our relationship to it.

Select Collections
Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France / Museum of Modern Art, Mediera, Portugal / Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England / Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / International World Bank, Washington, DC / Toledo Museum, Toledo, Ohio / New Jersey State Museum / New York University / Brooklyn Museum / Miami Museum of Modern Art / Citibank / Cornel University / Alternative Center for International Arts, NYC / Indianapolis Museum / Yugoslavian Solidarity Museum, Montenegro / Deloitte Touche, NYC / Los Angeles Museum / MasterCard of America / America Online / Janus Fund / New Jersey Theater for the Performing Arts / Chongju Museum, Korea / Smith-Barney / The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace / The Collection of Don and Maria Johnson