Sonia Madruga 

Fine artist


Sonia Madruga was born and lives in Rio de Janeiro​, Brazil.She holds degree in 

She has started to paint watercolors in 2002. Since then, she has completely dedicated herself ​to this very important technique , creating moments of dreaming where any reality is a possibility that symbolize life, experiences, and represents resurrection , healing, and transcendence.

She has exhibited in many​ ​cities in Europe, USA, and in Brazil.​ And she has gotten an international recognition, being awarded in 2009 with Silver medal at French Academy of Arts, Sciences and letters in Paris. 

Worldview: she has visited 38 countries in all continents.

Upcoming in September 2015 her book called "Nas Águas do Divino"  then​ the second book is upcoming right way and is called "Nas Águas do Feminino​". Both books to be colored.