Steffie Wallace

Visual artist


Steffie Wallace is an Australian landscape painter who has been painting and exhibiting since the 1970s. 

She lives in Melbourne, where she studied Fine Art, and her work is held in collections both in Australia and overseas. She was the winner of the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Silver Medal for Painting, 'X Florence Biennale', Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy, in October, 2015.

​Artist Statement
’I work with a limited palette range and the main focus of my work is centred on atmospheric effects.  The visual interpretation of changing light remains an ongoing fascination as does the desire to capture the immediacy of a particular climatic situation. In conveying an emotional response to the landscape, my work reflects the unpredictability of nature with the emphasis on transitory experience in parallel with our own fleeting existence on earth and the relativity of our significance within the natural environment’.