Thiago Rosinhole

Visual Artist

instagram: @funkopopmickey


Native Brazilian and very proud of it, graffiti lover, Thiago was born on 1987 in São Paulo (financial and cultural heart of Brazil).

Since his childhood had contact with arts by his mother's influence.

Started making graffiti on walls, selling banners to small companies, posters to skate shops but specially customizing things like shoes, bags, rollers, t-shirts and everything he feels it was possible to give more colors with a little more paint.

These arts paid his college and nowadays Thiago has an Administration degree and he works as  a Business Development Executive for a big multinational company covering Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Angola, but always looking at the world with the eyes, the perspective that his mother's taught him when he was young, finding art on everything he sees.

Today, as a Toy art fan, collector and customizing enthusiast, his project is focused on the most popular character of the world. Thiago transforms Mickey in different heroes, villains, athletes and celebrities using Funko Pops, POSCA markers, paint, unusual objects, scissors, glue and a lot of creativity.