Victor  Quiros

Visual Artist

Costa Rica

Víctor Quirós Navarro was born in Cartago, Costa Rica, on November 2, 1984.

Quirós is a very notable autodidact artist who develops his own technique mixing alternative materials to create incredibles sculptures. In his works, he creates movements, emotions and feelings with magic characters from fantasy circus and child. This is the main inspiration that builds and gives life to his different works.

In 2008 he received Juan Ramón Bonilla prize.  It is the most important distinction from Sculpture Biennial of Cartago, Costa Rica..  He has participated as single and collective art exhibitions in Costa Rica specially Festival Internacional de las Artes (FIA).

In 2009 he participated as invited artist in the exhibition and tour International Circle of Friends of the Giants (CIAG) in Barcelona, Spain.  It was declared international-cultural interest by Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica with the auspice of Spain.

From simple material to a beautiful piece of art, any Victor's creation could change human emotions, melancholy, happiness and many others feelings wakes from the heart and imagination.

He turns the life into a circus drawing a smile.