35, Main Street

     Sussex, NJ

  973 875-1987

Ward-Nasse History

The Ward-Nasse Gallery is a nonprofit artist-administered  space for visual, spoken and performing artists in New York City.

The Ward-Nasse Gallery, founded by Harry Nasse, first opened as a commercial art gallery in Boston during the early sixties. When Harry Nasse moved to New York in 1970, he switched to artist-run cooperative status for the gallery. All modes of contemporary art are exhibited, from traditionally executed works to more experimental art forms. Artists from across the country share walls with artists from Europe, Asia and South America.
The Ward-Nasse Gallery presents mostly group exhibitions, for the more than 46 years of operation the full list of artists who have exhibited is quite extensive, and numbers in the thousands.Some New York City artists who have started their careers or who continue to exhibit at Ward-Nasse are Laurie Anderson, performance artist.