Wendy Cohen

Visual Artist


​Artist Statement

​Wendy Cohen is a Sydney-based artist with a focus on colour and geometric abstraction.   Responding to the perceived limitations of Modernism, including its self-referential tendencies, Cohen combines formalist principles with an intuitive approach to colour, form, line and shapes.  Cohen disrupts the pure formalism of geometric abstraction to create something more organic, pairing random and asymmetrical shapes with hard-edged forms.  In her mixed media paintings, she collages elements of remnant linen, cardboard, felt and various recycled materials and found objects that she brings back to life with a sense of playfulness and vibrancy. Observation, intuition and imagination are key to Cohen’s process as she responds to the complexity and interconnectedness of the world. Cohen completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015 as well as a Master of Fine Arts in 2017 at the National Art School, Sydney, Australia and has exhibited in group shows in New York, Art Based Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Art Show with WWB in USA, Florence and Ferrara in Italy, and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.